News Release: Motivational Interviewing Enhances Weight Loss in Overweight and Obese Patients

A systematic review and meta-analysis of a dozen randomized clinical control trials using Motivational Interviewing in behavioral interventions for weight loss was published in Obesity Reviews

Motivational interviewing, a directive, patient-centred counselling approach focused on exploring and resolving ambivalence, has emerged as an effective therapeutic approach within the addictions field. However, the effectiveness of motivational interviewing in weight-loss interventions is unclear. 

  • Motivational interviewing was associated with a greater reduction in body mass compared to controls (SMD = −0.51 [95% CI −1.04, 0.01])
  • There was a significant reduction in body weight (kg) for those in the intervention group compared with those in the control group (WMD = −1.47 kg [95% CI −2.05, −0.88])
  • For the BMI outcome, the WMD was −0.25 kg m−2 (95% CI −0.50, 0.01). 
  • Motivational Interviewing appears to enhance weight loss in overweight and obese patients.
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