Make offline use of youtube with the ytd downloader

With the announcement of the introduction of new feature in the YouTube, people now are able to watch video offline. At first the news seemed incredible to some extent and it received utter skepticism. Lots of questions arise with the news such as how one can watch video on YouTube without internet connection and if this feature is applicable in YouTube what impact will come on the businesses that are using YouTube as their advertising tool. Well, the news is authentic enough and now you can make the use of YouTube offline.

The purpose of the article is to provide the sufficient information of the offline use of YouTube. Even you will get information about the download procedure of ytd downloader by which you will be able to download or convert any video format for the YouTube.At first the user should know how the offline viewing feature can actually be used. After the launching of this feature in the YouTube, the viewers are able to see a new function named “Add to Device” attached with the video and the playlists. Now when a user will not have any internet connection, he can watch the selected video within 48 hours by using this function. This feature is being explained with an example.

Suppose you are watching a video and suddenly you go out of the reach of internet access. If you have already used the function “Add to Device” and the video has already loaded fully to your device such as smartphone or tablet, you can watch that particular video within 48 hours from now. After 48 hours the video cannot ne watched if you will not reconnect your device with the internet. After the reconnection with internet the offline window will automatically refresh itself and the video can be watched again. Another way to make the use of YouTube offline is simply to download a particular video by using YouTube Downloader in your device.

To download a video on YouTube app you need to follow only some simple steps. Open the video which you want to view, then select the resolution and then it will be automatically downloaded into your device. In the YouTube app the new offline section is included where a list of videos recently downloaded will come in the queue for watching them offline. Another way to watch video offline is by using ytd downloader. By using it you will be able to store your desired videos permanently from YouTube. Through ytd downloader you can not only download the video but also convert the video in other format like avi. To use the function at first you need to install the ytd downloader. First you click on Save File so the ytd downloader starts installing. Then there is a download icon you may find on the top right side of the browser. In the download window you need to double-click to open ytd downloader to initiate installation. Then by following the steps that are listed in the installer you can easily install the application in your device.

ytd video downloader

To make use of YouTube in offline you may well-aware of the fact that the offline feature has been introduced for both iPhone and Android. But at the same time you are being informed that there are certain limitations for the offline features. You cannot find this feature on every video as it is not attached with each of them. The offline feature is mainly disabled for most of the music videos and movies. Another limitation of this feature is that the selected videos can only be viewed through the YouTube app.

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It’s Ghosts vs. Bodarks

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is a first person tactical shooter game developed by Ubisoft Paris, Ubisoft Ukraine, Ubisoft Romania, and Ubisoft Red Storm. It uses a heavily modified YETI engine. The game features single player mode, co-op, and multiplayer modes.

Supported Platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360
  • Sony PlayStation 3


Future Soldier is a third person cover-based shooting game with a mode that can switch to the first person shooter, allowing the player to look through the iron sight. To allow a more precise aiming, it zooms to over-the-shoulder view when the left trigger button is pressed. When taking cover, players can be suppressed with gun fire that takes the effort of shaking the player’s field of vision and making it more difficult to return fire. They can also be forced to seek other hiding spots, as the cover can be partially destroyed.

A form of adaptive camouflage is a new feature in the series,which enables the player to become partially invisible. It gets deactivated when running fast, taking hits, or firing. The Ghost team works together and this enables the player to mark up to four targets and take them out at the same time. A player can also do the same during firefights, on which the squad members will focus firing on the target and cover him. As long as the enemy is unaware of the ghosts, a synchronized take down is possible. This is referred to as ‘sync-shot’ in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and is only possible when the player takes down one target himself by killing him.

Weapons can be extensively customized. Paints, stocks, barrels, muzzles, gassing systems, side-rail, and under barrel attachments (ex. laser sight and grenade launchers), optics, magazines, and triggers can be customized in Gunsmith.

Gassing-systems are of three types:

  • Standard
  • Under-gassed (sacrifices fire rate and enhances accuracy and control)
  • Over-gassed (sacrifices weapon handling and accuracy, and increases rate of fire).

Kozak can use an UAV, which is a hovering drone that can be remotely controlled for a limited distance. It can hover in the air, take surveillance and mark targets for execution. It will be shot by enemies if spotted, and it can be recalled later for repair and it occurs automatically after a period of time. It has wheels and can manoeuvre on ground, disorient enemies with its sonic blast, and can perform stealth ops using its active camouflage.


Joe Ramirez leads a four-man Ghost team call-signed the ‘Predator’ to disrupt weapons trafficking in the region of Nicaragua. A bomb is remotely detonated, killing all the members of the team, when they head to inspect a convoy of vehicles. Investigation of this event is tasked to another Ghost team call-signed ‘Hunter’. Ghost lead Captain Cedric, Sergeant Kozak, Master Sergeant Pepper and First class 30K ship out from Fort Bragg, under Major Scott’s supervision. They rescue an arms dealer in Sucre who has Intel about where the bombs came from. The story takes them forward to Nigeria, Pakistan, Kola Peninsula, and finally to Kaliningrad, where they intercept and destroy a guided missile system causing an international accident.

The story continues with a lot of incidents happening at London and the forces behind these areof Russia’s special-ops unit called the ‘Raven’s Rock’. At a later stage, Ghosts are ambushed by a team of Russian Spetsnaz who have access to all the equipment similar to theirs. Later, the Ghosts came to know that these soldiers were an integral part of Russia’s world-class ‘Bodark’ unit and have united with Raven’s Rock.


The game’s storyline and the thoughtful approach to cover based shooting is really unique and has received positive reviews (IGN) up to 8.5 on a scale of 10.

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